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New Riga

The Riga is a deciduous coniferous tree species of larch, pine sourced from Europe and the Mediterranean region. Tree of medium or large, which can reach between 25-45 m tall and with a trunk three feet in diameter. The crown is conic when young, broadening as the plant gets older. The leaves are needle-shaped, light green color, 2 to 4 cm in length, becoming bright yellow in autumn before falling. The wood is tough and elastic. The bark is astringent and used in the tanneries.

Scientific Name
Pinus Nigra Ssp


Wood Characteristics

From white to pinkish white color clear

The shaft is upright and has an average fine texture

Average, moderately hard

Low and sensitive to attack by fungi and borers

Areas of application
Carpentry inside, coatings, flooring, furniture, packaging (food and musical instruments)