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French Brown

The Chestnut is native of southern Europe, Asia Minor and very abundant in the north and center of Portugal interior. It is a large tree, reaching 20 to 35 feet tall and the trunk measuring 2 meters in diameter. Its Futo is the hedgehog containing the nut therein. Along with wheat, rye and cevada, formed the staple diet in Portugal until the seventeenth century. The introduc-tion of the maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) was largely responsible for the decline of this species. Need a mild climate and adequate moisture for growth.

Scientific Name
Castanea Sativa Mill


Wood Characteristics

From tan toasty brown color

The shaft is straight and has a medium texture

Average; softwood

Average and resistant to attack Lyctus, fungi and cerambícidos, but sensitive to the attack of ants

Areas of application
Carpentry, coatings, rustic furniture, doors, windows and floors