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Hard Maple

Hard Maple is a species of maple wood that only grows in West virginia by Climati-cas reasons. Can reach up to 35 m Altur, and the ten years of life reaches 5 m. The strings its leaves is varied, dede orange to bright yellow, through orange and red flurescência. Since the early days, Hard Maple is a favorite wood of American furniture manufacturers. Apart from the natural bele-za of its texture, the American colonists They assigned him other purposes, such as rea-proveitamento the ashes to make soap.

Scientific Name
Acer Saccharum


Wood Characteristics

From light brown to dark reddish brown

The shaft right and a thin, compact texture

Medium / High; heavy and hard wood

Moderately durable will degradation and attack by fungi and borers

Areas of application
Flooring, furniture, interior joinery, stairs, coats, sports goods and musical instruments