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Hardwood Floors


The Hardwood floors are assumed to be the noblest choice and excellence. It is a product which has the quality of stability, durability and resistance higher comparing to other types of flooring.

HardwoodBeauty and the possibility of grinding and varnish
4 sided tongue and grooveconnection most widely used in the industry, without Royalties
6 layers of UV Bone Varnish (Sublime)More resistance

UV Varnish System

Satin - 20% Brightness (Standard)
Mate - 5% Brightness
Bright - 50% Brightness
Nature - 5% Brightness (oil Effect)
Other on request.

The Bona Naturale is a new and unique floor treatment that protects the true nature of their wooden floors. Other treatments for which are more natural, modified the original texture, and appearance significantly, but not Bona Naturale because the timber remains the same as does nature.

In the UV Varnish System are applied Bona products, namely:

  • Aqueous primer, one coat, essential, ensures good adhesion in tropical woods, enhances adhesion of the next product to apply.
  • Filler, one coat, filler product indispensable, improves grip and neutralizes the effect of dark in the joints of the light woods.
  • background, two coats, it serves as abrasion resistance and improved coating adhesion after filling.
  • Finish, two coats, provides scratch resistance.


Beveled 4 sides - Standard
No bevel varnish system


Bona Create is a formula that offers modern colors and renewed for any type of wood. Thanks to its wide opening time, the application is performed in a convenient way and the result is a beautiful and uniform in color.


Technical Drawings

Hardwood Floors
Collection E L EF EM C
Solid 20 90, 100, 110, 115, 120, 140, 135, 160 5,5 5,5 500-4000
Hardwood Floors Varnished
Collection E L EF EM C
Sublime 20 90, 100, 110, 115, 120, 140, 135, 160 5,5 5,5 500-2150