Night Visions

Nightvision is an innovative oil that can be applied in all types of exterior wood. It is the result of the cooperation between University of Oporto, Sciences Department (FCUP), and the Chemical Research Centre (CIQ), which is patented since late 2014 for 20 years, with worldwide exclusivity.

When applied to the wood, Nightvision does not change its typical appearance. It is charged during the day by sunlight or artificial light and gently produces light at night. Their use may have many roles, from the signs, delineation of spaces to simple lamp.

It is an ecological product, not using toxic components.

Potential applications:
Decorative – color the wood adding written messages or drawings
Energy Savings – lighting indoor / outdoor space or marking rails for added visibility
Security/Signage – lighting a dark area as nightclubs, emergency exits
Other - musical instruments, shipbuilding, public spaces, pools, playgrounds.