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Red Cumaru

There are about 10 species of trees of the genus Dipteryx. This species is native to Cerrado Brasilian, Atlantic Forest, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru. The tree is evergreen Red Cumaru, heliophytic dry land, and can reach up to 25 m tall, with a trunk 70 cm in diameter. Has a dense and rounded crown. The leaves are composed of 6-12 leaflets, gla-brous, with intense green coloration. The flowers are small, greenish color and blooms from October to January. The fruit, called baru, is a woody, brown legume with a single edible al-mond, which ripens from September to October. Although the hardness of the fruit hamper their production, these seeds are increasingly appreciated and very nutritious delicacy.

Scientific Name
Dipteryx Alata


Wood Characteristics

From yellow-brown to reddish brown

It has a fine texture

High and very hard wood

Good durability, highly resistant to fungus, white ants and insects of dry wood

Areas of application
Floors and deck's