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It is a tree originally found in Brazil's Amazon and Atlantic Forest. With height between 15 and 20m, its trunk is reddish in color and can reach 1 m in diameter. The leaves have two bril-liant leaflets 6-14 cm long. The fruit is a hard shell with seeds covered by a green powder with strong and distinctive smell. The pulp of the vegetable is edible, highly nutritious and used as food by wildlife. It was common to use the bark to make a tea, also called Jatoba wine. Throughout the ages this kind of wood was used for medicinal purposes and as of the end of XX century, as con-sequence of ethno botanical studies by Americans became consumed in the USA with the same traditional purposes.

Scientific Name
Hymenaea Courbaril


Wood Characteristics

From reddish brown with dark lines

Grain interlocked with medium texture, distinctive odor when dry

High; very hard and heavy wood

Very resistant to fungus, white ant and low resistance to marine borers

Areas of application
Furniture, flooring, construction, doors and windows, sporting goods, musical instruments and tool handles